After working together as referral partners for four years, Maximize Technologies and eGear USA today announce the formation of a joint company focused on providing forward-thinking technology solutions to their customers. The newly formed Vector Tech Group is a collection of companies with a like-minded focus on delivering technology solutions in a timely and budget-minded way.

What Will Change?

On a daily basis, you will not notice any large-scale changes. Overall, we aim to become the only solution partner you need to keep your business technology humming. Your account contacts will remain the same. All phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. Your invoice and account remittance will remain the same. Your level of satisfaction will remain the same…incredibly high!

But, if you need support for your current wifi installment or wish to discuss expansion of that system or replacement of switches or controllers, etc., now we’ve got you covered! 

Who is eGear USA?

eGear USA is a provider and integrator for network equipment design, configuration, hardware, assembly, testing, and asset management. The firm leverages global purchasing savvy and engineering expertise to support a diverse customer base. eGear USA offers efficient installment and support of wi-fi hot spots in businesses, schools, arenas, and civic locations. 

Who is Vector Tech Group?

A collection of companies providing forward-thinking technology solutions. Simple. Straightforward. Honest. Today Vector Tech Group is comprised of Maximize Technologies and eGear USA.