Maximize Technologies will take care of all aspects in managing an IT department. We will be sure to provide the oversight and support that will allow your systems to run smoothly.Read More
You have the day to day support covered, but need help with the high level tasks and projects. Maximize Technologies can implement organization-wide installations, migrations and maintenance plans.Read More
Data security is a priority, especially with the need for data to be readily accessible, but remain secure. With our server and workstation monitoring and security device management, your important information will remain safe and accessible.Read More
Our managed and monitoring services allow us be proactive in the support of your systems. Integrated antivirus, SPAM filtering and error notification are all managed in one product to give a streamlined support experience.Read More
If you need temporary or on-demand coverage for your IT staff, we can fill those gaps. The length and amount of coverage can be determined by your organization to fit what you need.Read More
If you need to setup or improve your wired or wireless local network or connect multiple sites, we can do that. We will design and implement a network that will provide reliable and secure connections.Read More
We can provide remote or onsite support to your staff. We will resolve issues with user computers, software and printers via email, phone support or onsite visits.Read More
Web Application technologies improve dramatically every year, offering new and enhanced functionality creating new opportunities for your business. Maximize Technologies has experience in developing custom Web Applications. The applications we have experience in range from enterprise wide systems to small project specific applications.Read More