Whether you are setting up a five user network or a five thousand user network over three continents, our in house designers and accessibility to industry specialists will ensure you a design that is of two basic principles: Form and Function

Working to help you look at a whole picture, our designers will show you cost savings potential, but will also focus on the future growth potential of the equipment. We know it is important to plan ahead for growth and be able to expand when needed.

To get started, filling out our design questionnaire will give us the information we need to begin the design process. Send an email to networkdesigns@egearusa.com to request yours. Once we receive your information, we will begin the process of designing the network that will fit your needs. The design proposal will be approved by a team of industry experts and then sent to you, so that we can begin the implementation process.

eGearUSA does not share any information with any one outside the design team.

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