About Our Companies

After working together as referral partners for four years, Maximize Technologies and eGear USA formed a joint company focused on providing forward-thinking technology solutions to their customers.

Vector Tech Group is a collection of companies with a like-minded focus on delivering technology solutions in a timely and budget-minded way.

Since 2004, Maximize Technologies has been helping small and medium sized businesses make the most of their technology investment. Comprised of a team of experienced IT professionals, Maximize can provide quality and affordable IT services to a variety of businesses. Click here to read more.

From idea to design to integration and trade-in, eGear USA is an environmentally friendly third-party IT hardware integrator for any sized project. Since 2002, eGear USA has been sourcing an IT revolution! Click here to read more.

Why Choose Us

      • We aspire to be your IT partner not just your IT provider. We will work to understand your business needs and suggest IT solutions that fit your business objectives.
      • We service a vast array of industries. Working with a cross-section of customers allows us to have a broad-based working knowledge of different technologies that can be beneficial to all customers.
      • We look to save you money where we can and move technology forward that fits your business objectives. We strive to achieve your satisfaction by providing a highly skilled group of resources that you can draw upon.